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Do you bill by the hour or per-project?

We don't believe in surprises when it comes to billing.  That's why we bill per project rather than with an hourly rate.  You know from the start what your costs will be, which frees you from having to worry about any unexpected fees.                 

Does your experience extend to my specific industry?

We offer a diverse range of industry experience, in a wide variety of sectors.  Whether we are packaging a new skincare treatment, rebranding a  pasta sauce, or photographing the in between moments of a special event,  we focus on three essential elements — the message, the audience, and the best way to bridge the two.

Apparel Manufacturers

Tshirt, fitness gear, accessories

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Promotional Items

bags, gift-with-purchase, candles

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Is my project too large, or too small?

As a virtual studio, we have the flexibility to bring in additional resources when a project requires it.  More important, regardless of the scope of your project, you will always get individual consideration and direct access to the principal creative director.            

Do you work on spec?

We do not offer spec work, simply because we don't believe in generic solutions.  We tailor our approach to the specific results you seek, and this entails time, thoughtful strategizing, and communication throughout the creative process.                   

Packaging Manufacturers

bottles, tubes, jars, cartons, boxes

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silk-screen, labels, shrinksleeve, pouches

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